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How to pick the right product? How to pick the right niche? How to....

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by domainiac, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Let me say before I go on with this post that I am not intending to step on anybody's toes. I am sorry if it comes across that way to anyone.

    I see lots and lots of posts on DP asking the questions "what product should I promote" "How do I pick a product" "Which products sell well" "Which niche should I pick" and on and on and on.

    There are always a lot of well meaning marketers that are quick to give suggestions, answers and advice. However, a lot of it is just wrong.

    I feel bad every time I read these type of posts and the fact that a lot of new marketers are getting led astray. Not on purpose but just from misinformation that has been spread for many many years in the world of IM.

    I wanted to take a little time and give everyone who has these questions some facts. If you need to know how I can claim that so many answer wrong and that I have the right answers, I will just tell you that I have been doing this for quite sometime and am a Clickbank Premier member (top 100).

    1. How to pick a product -

    a. Gravity - Gravity shows only one thing....how many affiliates have made a sale within CBank guidelines. It DOES NOT indicate conversion rates in any way. The idea that a higher gravity means better conversion is false. It could be converting at 1:500.... you just don't know. Popularity is a better indicator of conversion but it still is meaningless as it just means that that product is making more money. Maybe one big affiliate, maybe higher price point, who knows. There is no magic formula...Greater than 30, 50, 100....doesn't matter. Ask any big affiliate and they will tell you they have a gem that has a gravity of almost nothing. One thing that gravity will tell you (or at least help to tell you) is the size of the market.

    b. Conversion - You have no way to figure it out. NONE. but here is the truth about conversion rates that very few people have figured out....It doesn't matter what the conversion rate is. Lets say that you find a product and the vendor says "It's converting 1:20" It has a great gravity so you are excited cause thats what you have been told to do. Unless you have the same landing page, same promotional methods, the same traffic your conversion will be different. I am also a vendor and I have products with affiliates that convert 1:6 but others that convert 1:96. My page doesn't change.....just the different methods of promotion from the affiliate.

    Does that make sense? I hope it does...

    c. Opt in forms - a lot of people will tell you not to promote a product with an optin...CRAZY. If the optin keeps your affiliate id, its 10x better with an optin. YOu get multiple chances to sell the product. All you have to do is put ur name and addy in the optin and click the link in the emails you get and see if your id is still there. Most of the time it will be.

    D. Page layout, Design, etc. - Most likely you are not a copywriter. What your common sense tells you isn't always true. Actually most of the time it isnt true. For example, people will say not to promote a sales page with a long sales letter because customers don't like the long letter...WRONG. You think they don't like them. In fact, a well written letter is almost always better when longer. What you personally think of the design is meaningless (in most niches) ...I know as marketers we really like the cool, slick well designed sites but it is just not important to the customer. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot to do with design that can increase or decrease sales....it's just not what most people would think.

    E. Pick something your interested in - I don't know about the rest of you but I am interested in money. Lots of it. I couldn't really care less about any of the products I promote. If you are blogging, article writing, etc., then I guess some interest would make it easier but I don't do this for fun...I do this so I can have fun.

    F. Which products/niches are the most profitable? - Again an impossible question to answer. Even in the real world you can have 2 people with the exact same job doing the exact same things and one makes more money....same is true in the IM world. There are hot topic markets, evergreen markets, etc. I like any of them that I can make money on. Hot topic markets require a lot of more work ongoing so I am more prone to pick something that will run itself after my initial work. There is not a niche on clickbank that you cant make money on. I repeat. EVERY niche on clickbank is the most profitable niche....or at least it has the possibility to be.

    So How do you pick a product then? Are we any closer to the answer? We will answer that in a minute....

    What if you had a site about growing taller and you had 1,000,000 visitors a day? Do you think you could make one of those "grow taller" products the number one clickbank product? I am sure you could.

    I know...You don't. However, the analogy tells us one way to pick a product/niche on clickbank.

    How to pick a product

    1. Method 1

    a. Pick a product. Any product. Flip a coin, pick a number between 1-100, I don't care how...just pick a product. The only way to know if a product will convert well for you and is profitable for you is to try it out. Yep....that sucks but it is the truth. You can jump on the band wagon of a high gravity or new exciting product or you can pick something that has been around for years. Doesn't really matter cause it doesn't change the results.

    b. Test the product. Obviously this is easiest to do with PPC (which is what I do) as you can test quickly and with minimal effort. Start with broader keywords, watch conversion rates, see which are profitable or at least break even, cut ones that aren't regardless of traffic level, monitor. (obviously there is a lot of unsaid things here...landing page quality, click through rates from your page, etc.)

    c. Duplicate

    If you couldn't find keywords that were profitable, ditch it and move to the next one.

    2. Method 2 - Find The Traffic

    a. Find a site that has traffic but is not being monetized (they are everywhere) that you could sell a clickbank product on. Find a product that the visitors of this site might be interested in. Contact the owner and ask about advertising rates on their site. Banners, text ad, whatever. Most won't respond, those that do will mostly say no but the others are a gold mine.

    b. Find a search that has no or little competition and find a product that might appeal to that audience. Example: A couple of years ago I was reading about T.Boone Pickens who is this guy who had an energy plan for america. I realized that nothing was advertised on the searches t boone pickens or pickens plan so I put up a lame landing page and advertised DIY solar panels....made a lot of money. No competition. Cheap traffic. You see, I wouldve never thought to advertise on that keyword if I picked the product first....make sense?


    There is a ton that I didn't include here. I cant put everything down but here is the message...

    It is not about the product (to an extent). It is not about the clickbank data. It is not about the niche.

    The secret to making money online is and will always be ....traffic.... quality, amount, etc.

    I am sure there will be people that will want to argue points or whatever. Thats fine. However, if you are new to IM do yourself a favor and take this post to heart.

    Best of luck

    domainiac, Mar 9, 2012 IP
  2. TheRichSchoolboy

    TheRichSchoolboy Well-Known Member

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    Great post - thumbs up
    TheRichSchoolboy, Mar 9, 2012 IP
  3. GrandRoyal

    GrandRoyal Member

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    It is always advisable to pick evergreen niche markets because they have demand throughout the year and they are not those come and vanish kind of a product. If possible try promoting products that pay recurring commissions, you sell once and get paid for months as long as the customer remains with the merchant services.

    Refer to the article - best selling products on clickbank
    GrandRoyal, Mar 26, 2012 IP
  4. zer0_c0d3r

    zer0_c0d3r Peon

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    Inspiring tutorials. Take action is the key but unfortunately most people in IM are lazy..Alas!
    zer0_c0d3r, Mar 30, 2012 IP
  5. qiamimi

    qiamimi Greenhorn

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    thumbs up,thank you for sharing.
    qiamimi, Apr 16, 2012 IP