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How to optimization CodeIgniter website Speed?

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by ashrafnarail, Nov 22, 2022.

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    My website made with CodeIgniter and have lots of images. Its super slow. How can improve website speed. I am reducing all images and converting jpg to webp format.
    Please suggest me.
    ashrafnarail, Nov 22, 2022 IP
  2. Sumit_Singh

    Sumit_Singh Well-Known Member

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    It is working fine and loading speed is also good. It is not slow as you said.
    There are some images on your page with large sizes in jpg format. You can optimize them for better UX or faster loading.
    Also, you can use CDN for faster delivery of content and use this tool to further optimize the website https://pagespeed.web.dev/
    Sumit_Singh, Nov 22, 2022 IP
  3. qwikad.com

    qwikad.com Illustrious Member Affiliate Manager

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    It's not terribly slow. I am in the US and it loaded up with no issues. Try minifying your large .css and .js files. Depending how large they are, minifying them can speed your site up by a few seconds. Just an idea.
    qwikad.com, Nov 23, 2022 IP