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How to move entire site with long URLs to Wordpress?

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Mr.Dog, Sep 16, 2018 at 12:07 AM.

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    I want to move an old static site with .PHP pages into Wordpress entirely.
    The site has established and I don't want to use redirection. I want to preserve the old URLs.

    Long URLs look something like this:

    So, basically there are no more than 2-3 levels of folders and the pages are 2-3 levels down.

    Can I move the site by preserving the URLs? Can this be done simply with 'permalinks' in Wordpress by simply creating new posts and giving them the old URLs?

    E.g. create a new "Bangkok Things to Do" post and save its URL as:
    Or... "bangkok-things-to-do.php" under the folders "travelguides/thailand"?

    Many thanks to whoever helps!
    Mr.Dog, Sep 16, 2018 at 12:07 AM IP