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How to monetize your B2B marketplace: examples of revenue models

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Helen_V, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Hello everyone.
    I want to share with you some examples of how famous B2B marketplaces get revenue from their platforms.

    Business model is a pillar of your product that keeps it afloat and сombines the main principles for its successful operation.

    These are 4 most widely spread business models of B2B marketplaces:

    • Subscription fee

    Subscription fee includes monthly or yearly payments for a certain set of features. Subscription fee may be a part of freemium model, where the basic functionality is free, but to get more advanced opportunities users have to pay a recurring fee.

    • Advertising

    Featured ads are a great way for the providers to get more visibility on your marketplace and promote their offers.

    However, this type of business model is very specific. Most of the users are tired from annoying ads and such approach may push them off your marketplace.

    The only way out is to make these ads tailored and personalized. That's why this revenue channel works best for niche marketplaces that are focused on one industry. In this case, the ads will be relevant to most of the users.

    • Transaction fee
    Transaction fee is the most popular type of revenue channels out there. Most of the marketplaces charge a commission from the transactions on their platform.

    However, this business model is lucrative only when your platform facilitates the cooperation between service provider and customer. Users will pay a transaction fee if they get a lot of value from what you offer.

    • Listing fee

    On some marketplaces, providers have to pay a fee for the listings they place. Before charging a listing fee, you should attract a big volume of customers to your marketplace. In this case, the providers will know that their listing will be placed in front of a large audience.

    Let’s review how successful marketplaces use the business models mentioned above.


    Will be glad to read about your experience!
    Helen_V, Oct 18, 2018 IP