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How to make website to app (apk) and upload it in playstore

Discussion in 'Programming' started by webatozs, Sep 22, 2020.

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    Manual Instructions
    Install Android Studio if you haven’t already.

    Open the project in Android Studio
    Make sure you are at least using Android Studio 3.0, select “Open existing project in Android Studio” and browse to your template folder. Make sure to select the ‘template’ folder that contains the Android Studio project.

    After selecting it, make sure to wait for the template to fully be imported. If asked, accept any downloads for dependencies. Finally, do a full build by going to ‘Build’ > ‘Rebuild Project’.

    Changing the Strings
    Open Strings.xml in the res/values folder of your project.
    Replace the placeholder for the string “app_name” with your apps name.
    Replace the “dialog_about” placeholder with your own about text. May have basic html between <![CDATA[ and

    Optionally enter your Admob Banner Ad Unit ID and Admob Interstitial Unit ID.
    If you would like to use OneSignal push notifications open Strings.xml again and enter a value for “onesignal_app_id” and “onesignal_google_project_number”

    If you want, you can also translate your app to other languages in Strings.xml

    Changing colors
    Browse to res/values and open colors.xml

    Replace the placeholder color codes for the colors with your own colors (starting with #). The primary color is your toolbar color. The primaryDark color is your statusbar color.
    Your Configuration
    In the java folder, browse through the com.sherdle.webtoapp package and open Config.java

    If you’d like to use Analytics, you can enter a value for ANALYTICS_ID between the quotes “”.

    Layout options
    With Web2App we offer many layout options. You can configure them in Config.java. Simply find the setting you’d like to change, like
    USE_DRAWER and set the value to either ‘true’ or ‘false’. The line above the setting will describe what it does. In the case of USER DRAWER, setting it to ‘true’ will show a navigation drawer, and setting it to ‘false’ will hide the drawer.
    URLs to load
    Configure the URLs to load and the menu items to show. For this locate and change the TITLES and URLS Array.
    If you’d like to display a single URL in your app, you can enter one URL in the URL array, e.g:

    public static final String[] TITLES = new String[]{“MySite”};
    public static final String[] URLS = new String[]{"http://mysite.com”};
    Code (markup):
    If you’d like to display multiple links in your app, you can enter all your URLs in the URL array, e.g:
    public static final String[] TITLES = new String[]{"Google", "Yahoo", "DuckDuckGo"}; public static final String[] URLS = new String[]{"http://google.com", "http://yahoo.com", "http://duckduckgo.com"};
    Code (markup):
    If you'd like to use icons. Add the images to your project, and then refer to them from the ICONS array.

    Your package name
    You can change your package name by changing the value for 'applicationId' in build.gradle (in /app).

    Your Icon and Splash Screen
    Now you only have to change your assets (icon and splash screen).

    The icon
    First you will need an app icon, it should be a square .png image.

    You will need to resize your icon to a 512x512 png image for google play store submission and to a 124x124 image for your app itself.
    Rename the 124x124 image to ic_launcher.png (make sure it does not become ic_launcher.png.png, sometimes the extension is hidden).
    You will see a folder called 'app', open it and browse to 'res/mipmap-xhdpi/'
    Now replace the ic_launcher.png file thats inside this folder with your ic_launcher.png file.

    Splash screen
    For the best peformance, we recommend the use of a logo with a transparent background as splash screen image. This is easier and looks much better.
    Take your logo, preferably a high-quality image for the best performance on tablets and name it vert_loading.png
    Now again open the folder called 'app' inside the template's folder on your desktop and browse to 'res/drawable-nodpi/'

    Exporting your app
    In Android Studio’s menu, go to Build > Generate Signed APK. Next, follow the onscreen instructions to create a keystore and sign your app. Save the keystore on a safe place, otherwise you won’t be able to update your app.

    For full video instructions, please visit:
    Code (markup):
    If you get stuck at one of these steps above, we would like to ask you to use the online version at
    http://sherdle.com/webtoapp Thank you!
    Code (markup):
    Submitting to Google Play
    For information on submitting your app to Google Play, you can visit Google’s Help Resources. To get started, browse to:
    Code (markup):
    and sign up as a developer. Next, visit this help page on how to publish your first APK.

    Download link
    webatozs, Sep 22, 2020 IP
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    You are talking about converting your website into a mobile app? Well, you can ask any web or mobile app development services to create a website that is mobile-friendly. Make sure the design and interface of your website are mobile-friendly.
    Millie Jack, Sep 30, 2020 IP
  3. webatozs

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    your website must be responsive then in mobile it will look good. but for making apk you need android studio to make your project to convert website to mobile app. and i post here the source code and how to do it step by step.
    webatozs, Sep 30, 2020 IP
  4. Kate_Alex

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    I think that there are situations when it is worth thinking about convert website to app for example if you have a service delivery or dating service, but the site will be convenient because it does not waste space on the device, but a browser is used for the site, which can be very convenient for the user
    Kate_Alex, Dec 24, 2020 IP
  5. rivasol

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    I was looking for information about making apk for my e-commerce site. Thank you for your detailed explanation. it helped me a lot.
    rivasol, Dec 24, 2020 IP