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How To Know Last Published Date of Multiple Websites at ONE Dashboard

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by amarendra, Dec 19, 2017.

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    If I have multiple websites say 10, How to know Last Published Date of Multiple Websites at ONE Dashboard.

    If I use managewp, I am easily logging to those sites but I am still need to see each n every time that how many are in drafts, scheduled, published etc.

    If I have a plugin where it lists all sites with last published, scheduled, drafts at one place it will be easy for us to go to particular website where no article is scheduled for that month particularly.
    Please let me know plugins for this purpose .. Does jetpack help me for the same ?
    amarendra, Dec 19, 2017 IP
  2. themes4all

    themes4all Well-Known Member

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    Hello there,

    In this case, your friend is MainWP : Link
    Do a look on it, it's free, open source plugin, otherwise there is other tools but Premium!

    themes4all, Jan 8, 2018 IP