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How to keep me on top

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Alexandre Laramée, May 11, 2017.

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    Ok, very basic skilzz here on SEO and page building. My current project required me to build a page with Wix. I went through the whole SEO setup. the page has been up for the pas 48hrs and i have jumped up Just way above one of our competitors with basic keyword they would search for.

    Now what do you recommend i do to make sure i have one step ahead. must i do the SEO setup for each page i have up on the site? with different Keywords for each page that the topic is concerned while always repeating the "key" keywords? Is it worth investing in Adwords?
    The page has already it's Google+ page setup and FB, twitter, Linkedin.

    Thanks for the input in advance!
    Alexandre Laramée, May 11, 2017 IP
  2. cm2010

    cm2010 Active Member Premium Member

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    These days even SEO companies are struggling to keep their self on top of the search result or SERP game. There are many factors are responsible for and you need to follow all of them.

    - Links from reputable sites and old by years.
    - Helpful contents on your sites.
    - Social Media sharing.
    - How old is your domain and how good is your hosting server.

    and more
    cm2010, May 14, 2017 IP
  3. arvind00557

    arvind00557 Greenhorn

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    now to be on the top of the first page...you need to really work hard on ON page SEO and OFF page SEO. Yes, now you need to really build some awesome backlinks for getting traffic to your blog. Dofollow backlink should always be targeted. Do not buy backlinks, you will penalized by search engine. Use all the loyal methods to increase your blog performance and ranking in search engine.
    arvind00557, May 14, 2017 IP
  4. Anitasol

    Anitasol Active Member

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    Optimize each page according to its content and main keyword. Also, build links and promote it on social media. If you don't see any progress, Google Adwords might be worth a try. :)
    Anitasol, May 14, 2017 IP