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How to install php scripts on a cpanel

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Muhammad.Ilyas, May 20, 2012.

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    I am a new user and i don't know how to install php scripts on webserver.
    I have a domain with php/my sql datebase now I want to install a script but i don't know how to configure my sql data base.
    Muhammad.Ilyas, May 20, 2012 IP
  2. HostPlanz

    HostPlanz Active Member

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    Upload the script to your server, then point your browser to the install file. e.g example.com/install.php
    Some scripts require you to first create a database with a username and password before installing.
    HostPlanz, May 20, 2012 IP
  3. iMarcus

    iMarcus Active Member

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    Hi, as hostplanz said above, sometimes scripts have an install file. However if the script uses a database you will need to set this up in cPanel. Once logged in goto 'mySQL Databases' and create a database, then create a username + pw, the final stage is to add that user to the database you made in step 1 and grant privileges more often than not, it will be 'all privileges' but check in the readme file if you have one.

    Also you may have a php file called settings.php or config.php that you need to enter the database details into eg: db name, username, pw. if this is the case, once you have the db setup and the config file updated load up the install.php file if you have one, if you dont, then you are probably good to go!

    Hope this helps :)
    iMarcus, May 27, 2012 IP