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How to improve the quality of call only ads ?

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by Dhivakar Kumar, Jan 16, 2020.

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    we getting more calls , but it is not relevant , can anyone give some tips to improve the quality of call only ads

    2. I have one doubt is SEO helpful for Google ads in anyway ? will always edit title tags and meta description to make landing page relevant to ad copy
    Dhivakar Kumar, Jan 16, 2020 IP
  2. Lucid Web Marketing

    Lucid Web Marketing Well-Known Member

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    If you are getting irrelevant calls, it is likely that you are not specific enough with your keywords. It may also be that your ads are inviting anyone to call just to get information.

    For example, if you sell bicycles, you can't just bid on the keyword "bicycle", that is too generic. Your ads could show for electric bicycle which you don't sell. Maybe they are looking for bike repairs and you may not do that. Hence, you get unwanted calls and associated costs. You therefore need to be more specific with your keywords.

    You also need to have compelling ads to those specific keywords. Don't just put all keywords in one group. Separate by types and categories, using my bicycle example, mountain bikes, road bikes, etc. Your ad should not be generic either. If you just say "yeah, we sell bicycles", you'll get people calling for no good reason. Your ad still need to pre-sell and by doing so, you'll get much better, relevant and profitable calls. So you might say, "Tough road bicycles get you where you're going. All we do is bikes. Financing available."

    As for SEO, it's separate from the PPC part and one does not affect the other.
    Lucid Web Marketing, Feb 5, 2020 IP