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How to improve PPC Conversion Rate?

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by Mr.Dog, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Suppose you're running PPC (Google and Facebook) campaigns and you have tools like Google Analytics. How would you improve the conversion rate of those campaigns?
    What I'd do - tell me if there is anything else you'd do:
    1. exclude non-converting traffic (only after 2-3 weeks, taking account of the fact that there is consistent traffic coming in)
    2. optimize audiences and targetings (excluding anything that doesn't convert: age, gender, behavior, context/topics etc.)
    3. A/B test ads: remove anything that's not converting
    4. use positive/negative big adjustments to encourage what is converting and reduce impressions of what isn't converting (on Google Ads)
    5. segment Facebook ads by age, gender, hours of day etc. (and remove what is not converting)
    6. set impression cap/frequency capping (Google)
    7. besides paying per clicks and impressions, I'd try CPA, eCPC as well
    8. A/B test landing pages (by running multiple campaigns in parallel)
    9. optimize by taking account of attribution models, MCF paths
    10. Remarketing based on Google Ads traffic, Google Ads Similar Audience, Google Analytics Audience(s), Facebook Pixel
    11. buy high quality guest articles on quality content sites and promote those pages via Facebook with Traffic Ads
    12. improve landing page quality: optimize them following A/B testing and UX (MouseFlow, Hotjar)
    Mr.Dog, Jan 3, 2019 IP
  2. Ay3sha

    Ay3sha Active Member

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    I agree on all the points and I want to add one other trick which is utilizing the tools like pageview.com and hotjar.com for session recording and the monitoring the user behavior to fix the UI/UX issues.
    Ay3sha, Dec 5, 2019 IP
  3. seoninja121

    seoninja121 Member

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    There are various ways to improve PPC conversion rate:-
    1. Track Your Conversions.
    2. Keep Testing (A/B Split Testing)
    3. Align Ad Copy with Landing Pages.
    4. Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)
    5. Use Negative Keywords.
    6. Use Remarketing.
    seoninja121, Dec 9, 2019 IP
  4. Mr_Kumar

    Mr_Kumar Notable Member

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    My funda is simple-- Go and play with every single option available on the table, know about them and then optimize for desired results. It takes time, but you become pro. Good luck.
    Mr_Kumar, Dec 9, 2019 IP