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How to hire and train a Editor?

Discussion in 'Directories' started by samdar, Dec 20, 2011.

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    I am facing this challenge. I wanted to hire and train people who can maintain my directories. Who can really add value in terms of adding new categories and see every category with unique valuable links. But the problem is, people are not so passionate as I am.

    When I hire content writers and spend time with them to explain about directory and how they have to think / work, they are more interested to complete the task asap with some links and some categories. I have not found some one who is really passionate about the work even though I am ready to make good payments.

    So, what's your story on this? How do you hire / train and manage editors who are top notch and are passionate as you are? I just tried DP and hired content writers. Haven't tried other platforms. Should I try any other recruiting platform to hire quality resources? Pls discuss.
    samdar, Dec 20, 2011 IP
  2. WallaceYeung

    WallaceYeung Notable Member

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    It's hard to hire someone to really having passion to adding value listing for your directories.
    i would recommend you to revenue sharing with good editors or content writers like affiliate programs.
    WallaceYeung, Dec 28, 2011 IP
  3. YMC

    YMC Well-Known Member

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    I can speak on both sides of this issue...as a directory owner and a content writer who was hired to help seed a directory. Yes, I realize seeding is much more time consuming than editing.

    I'm probably pickier than most folks. A site might have really good content at first glance but the About, Contact and Privacy Policy will have the standard "coming soon" or it's an Adsense site that breaks G's TOS. Then there's the forum that looks really busy but 95% of the recent comments are spam. Or there's the content that looks good until you realize that it is 100% sourced from article directories or scraper software - a real no-go in my book. You all know the drill.

    Anyway, the fellow who hired me kept upping the compensation to keep me. He was asking for 5 non-commercial listings in each category. Some categories were taking 2-3 hours to find sites that I thought were up to snuff and worthy of free listings in his paid directory. He even mentioned that I could use a few of the 'big name' directories to find sites as long as my descriptions were unique. (Some of the so-called top directories were full of broken links, links to dead sites, duplicate content filled sites or sites that just didn't pass my evaluation. That was a bit of a surprise.) Even at what was considered a "good rate" for the job was essentially averaging out to around $1 an hour or less. It would have been a $1,000+ project but I admit, I gave up.

    Editing on the other hand would seem a bit easier - the sites come to you. But, I suspect that whatever the 'going rate' is, if there is such a thing, wouldn't be all that attractive to a good writer with a passion to do good work.

    I spent probably close to 120 hours or more on this fellow's site to add around 200 listings. I had a lull in clients at the time and thought it would be interesting work. It was quite interesting, which may have been part of the trouble. When he recouped what he spent on me with only a few paid listings, I was wondering if I shouldn't be building my own paid general directory instead of expending so much of my time building one for someone else. His ROI was excellent. Mine was abysmal.

    My suggestion is to find a writer who will work by the hour. By the listing is a losing proposition for a writer. You're going to have to do something that makes them feel ownership in the site and a loyalty to you - maybe even offer some sort of bonus or profit-sharing system. I would work up a list of guidelines on how you want them to evaluate sites - a very specific sort of list of what's acceptable for inclusion and what's not. Be prepared to audit their work until you know you can let them work unsupervised. If you want them to audit listings, that should also be spelled out.

    As to finding a writer through DP, you will probably have to hunt hard. Most of the writers you see in the BST section rely on rewrites/article spinners and outright theft - they deal in volume. There are many excellent writers to be found here but even at the lowest levels, they can make $5-10 for a generic article that took them as little as 30 minutes to an hour to write. You might be able to find a "third world" writer or young writer who will work for less but you might have to go through a number of them before finding a keeper.

    You've had your directory long enough now to figure out how long it takes you to review sites and the percentage of sites you keep. Perhaps try to figure out how many paid listings you keep for each hour of editing work and determine a level of compensation that allows you a profit and your editor a decent income. My compensation for seeding the directory worked out to around 2% of a paid listing for each site I added. Meaning 1 paid listing paid for almost 50 of my entries. I doubt you'll find any takers, who will meet your quality standards, willing to work for a rate like that for very long.

    Don't know if that turned into a rambling rant more than a helpful suggestion but hopefully it contains something useful for you. :D
    YMC, Dec 28, 2011 IP
  4. rehash

    rehash Well-Known Member

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    If you need top notch you'll have to pay so much that it would be probably better to do the work yourself.
    rehash, Jan 3, 2012 IP