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How to Get Rapid Traffic from Social Media

Discussion in 'Services' started by Linksbuilder, Oct 30, 2012.

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    SEO just isn't what it used to be, saying that, many prospects have not clocked on to this basic fact. Selling a website is much like selling a house. If you're house has all the basic road structure and traffic passing it, then all you need is to rebuild the house (much like rebranding Amazon). Now if that house is a new house, with no traffic there, in the middle of nowhere, then you'd have to put in the road, road lamps and signs pointing so you'd be able to soon have a digital neighbourhood fuelling your virtual economy, is that makes sense. We can build sites, but the like mention but in the most cases if it's a new site, then the client won't get any traffic and therefore no sales, meaning that the website you sold them failed to do the job. Like mentioned SEO changed and now those off-page tricks, simply don't work any more. We've now entered an age where you cannot trick search engines and on-page optimization has evolved dramatically giving more focus onto the on page factors. As this is said, the only way I can think of to increase web traffic is with social media optimization. I was thinking of having in a social media pack to clients, so we can increase their hits on the pages via twitter, stumbled upon, facebook etc. Social Media optimization is kind of the new search engine optimization.
    Linksbuilder, Oct 30, 2012 IP
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    I need your SEO services, please send me your price.
    humawebdesign, Oct 31, 2012 IP