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How to Get Property Owners to List Their Rooms/Apartments/Homes on a Real Estate Niche Site

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Sunny Ali, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I request honorable members to completely understand my query before answering. While answering the question, please keep in mind that I am not new to marketing and related fields. I welcome complex marketing ideas as well as simple ones.


    The Question

    I own a real estate niche website. The business model is almost the same as www.easyroommate.com, but unlike them, my website is rather new and I haven't even launched formally.
    Now, we need two kinds of visitors:

    1. Those who own a property (apartment/room) and wish to rent it out.
    2. Those who are looking for an apartment/room.

    While it is easy to get room seekers (by optimizing the website for room-seeker oriented keywords), it is proving to be tough to get property owners. I can't do the same for property owners because there are not many keywords I can optimize/rank for.

    "What are my options on a very limited budget?"


    "Assuming I have no money to spend, and all I have is time, what's the best way to get room owners to list their rooms with us?"

    I thank my fellow members in advance for their valuable input and suggestions.

    Sunny Ali, Jun 15, 2013 IP
  2. gkuang2

    gkuang2 Active Member

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    Go on craiglist and find these people. Then contact them directly. Owners would be happy to post on your site, its just another form of advertising for them. But nobody would see it unless you have some traffic on your site. I think SEO might still be the way to go.
    gkuang2, Jun 15, 2013 IP
  3. webcosmo

    webcosmo Notable Member

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    People won't waste time with you unless they get anything in return.
    You could contact some companies and offer then posting for them.
    Its lot of work, but that might be a free way of doing it.
    webcosmo, Jun 16, 2013 IP