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How To Get More Sales On Fiverr

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by adbash, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Fiverr is a micro job marketplace where you sell services for $5 and beyond. However, there are various methods you can employ to get more sells. I will be highlighting some few points you need to take into considering on planning to sell and make more orders on fiverr.
    • Username: When planning on selling a service on fiverr, I will advice you to start from your username presentation. For instance, as a backlink seller, it will be great if your username is in the format: BacklinkMaster. This will give your potential buyer the mindset that you are actually a master of what you do. Well, that is psychological and it sometimes helps a lot.
    • Gig description: When posting your gigs for sell on fiverr, make sure your keywords are in the description and are not more than 2. This will help your ranking both on fiverr and in search engines. Remember this is your sales page and you have to present yourself convincing enough for patronage.
    • Gig Tags: This has been the greatest secret ever. It's important to search for related gigs on fiverr and steal off their tags (That is if they get lots of orders than you do) and use them in yours gig tag box too, This help you get more of traffic. There was examples of one gig selling that for every 10 visitors, you will definitely get 1 gig order and another, just uploaded in less than 24hours should give you 2 orders.
    I am not the best in this field and I wish other fellow sellers will comment on this various tips and as well share with us their selling secrets. How do you promote your gigs?
    adbash, Feb 11, 2013 IP
  2. zandra moore

    zandra moore Peon

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    Wow! I found this article to be really helpful! Thanks for posting it.
    zandra moore, Jul 16, 2013 IP