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How to find the id of a control, which is inside a grid.

Discussion in 'C#' started by AnilSesetti, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Hi All. Let me explain my present scenario. I have a grid with an edit link button for every row. When i click on edit link button a drop down should come in one column of the grid. I have to dynamically load that drop down after clicking on edit and have to enable it. I'm trying to find that control using find control method, but with no success. Eg: Dim CboType As DropDownList = DirectCast(GrdManageBenefitCostTypes.Rows(e.NewEditIndex).FindControl("CboType"), DropDownList)Could you please let me know how to find the control id inside the grid. Thanks in Advance
    AnilSesetti, Jun 21, 2012 IP
  2. TasteOfPower

    TasteOfPower Peon

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    There is no telling what you are doing wrong.

    Traverse thru the controls in the row and output the id and type of each control you find.
    TasteOfPower, Jul 2, 2012 IP