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How To Find Guest Posting Opportunities On Twitt

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by seoauthority, May 25, 2018.

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    There are a lot of posts in this section on the best way to find guest posting opportunities. Most of them focus on Google. However, I believe Twitter is an untapped gold mine for guest posting opportunities.

    I believe, in many instances, Twitter is a better place to do this because its results are fresher than Google which can take weeks to index a site/page. More than that, with the right key terms, you can find sites that are ACTIVELY looking for guest posting opportunities (rather than Google where man sites advertise they're looking for contributors, but the adverts are old and the opportunity is closed).

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Go to Twitter and enter a guest post search term.
    2. Scroll through the results
    3. Click on all sites that have pubilshed a recent guest post or are actively looking for one

    If you were looking for a place that guest posts closer to your niche. Then simply add your "niche" next to the guest post search keyword. For example:

    "finance contributor opportunity"
    This should find twitter posts advertising an opportunity for finance contributors (if that's you're niche). There are many search terms you can use to find these sites, here are some I use:

    "Become a Contributor”
    "Become a Guest Blogger”
    "Become an Author”
    "Bloggers Wanted”
    "Guest Blogging Spot”
    "Guest Contributor”
    "Guest post by”
    "Guest Post Guidelines”
    "Guest Post”
    "Publish Your News”
    "Submit a Guest Post”
    "Submit an Article”
    "Submit News”
    "Submit Post”
    "Submit Tutorial”
    "Suggest a Post”
    "This is a guest article”
    "Want to Write for”
    "writers wanted"
    “Add Guest Post”
    “Become a Contributor”
    “Become a Guest Writer”
    “Community News”
    “Contribute to our Site”
    “Group Writing Project”
    “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
    “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
    “Guest Posts Roundup”
    “My Guest Posts”
    “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
    “Submission Guidelines”
    “Submit a Guest Article”
    “Submit Article”
    “Submit Blog Post”
    “Submit Guest Post”
    “Submit News”
    “Suggest a Guest Post”
    “The following guest post”
    “This guest post is from”
    “This guest post was written”
    “Write for Us”
    “accepting guest posts”
    “contribute to our site”
    “contributor guidelines”
    “guest bloggers wanted”
    “guest post courtesy of”
    “guest post opportunities”
    “write for us”
    accepting guest posts
    become a guest blogger
    become guest blogger
    guest blogger wanted
    submit a guest post
    submit guest post
    submit your guest post
    submit your own guest post
    seoauthority, May 25, 2018 IP