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How to find good link seller in diital point forums

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by siteurl, Feb 21, 2012.

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    In the past few months after joining DP, I found DP the best place for any webmasters to be in.

    I am atleast online here for 4 hours each day.

    I find these link sale / buy threads section a very useful part. (Althogh DP do not endorse buying/selling links)

    But sadly in last 1-2 months, spammers have joined in big numbers and in networks.

    It is very difficult for an automated system to identify it as well as stop it.

    But as a buyer of links, if you execute little caution, it is very easy to identify these SPAMMERS (Not sure if it makes any sense by reporting PMs but if I think the PM is purely SPAM I am continuing to report it)

    I follow the following steps
    1. Any identified SPAM I report (Even if the post/thread I see is not related to me). A collective effort from many DP members will help slowely make this place less attractive for SPAMMERS.
    2. Any Spammy PMs I report (I ask for health links and member sends me a PM titles health links and sends a big list which makes no sense to me)
    3. Do not even respond to SPAMMERs.
    4. Give negative reputations (thumbs down) to those members who just post on a thread just to increase post counts.
    5. Never think of buying links from websites with domain names nothing to do with the subject.
    6. Do not think that a person having a lot of iTraders is very trustworthy. Have seen people increasing iTraders in a ring.
    7. As a premium member I get to see a person's true country. If he is lying in the location area, avoid communicating with him
    I request other DP members to add few points here and make life at DP better for the webmaster community.

    I request DP to add a feature request area. Members can bring in lots of ideas.

    Example: I would suggest a higher iTrader rating value for a rating given by buyer. A even higher rating if paypal payment was done through DP. So on.

    Hope this helps. Hope this thread is in the right category.
    siteurl, Feb 21, 2012 IP
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  2. siteurl

    siteurl Notable Member

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    That is always better but there also most of the WTS posts are SPAM links.
    siteurl, Feb 22, 2012 IP