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How to enhance eCommerce offerings with AI

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Yana Yelina, Nov 16, 2017.

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) continues revving up, penetrating a broad spectrum of areas, uncovering new value for banking, healthcare, and sports.

    eCommerce doesn’t stay on the sidelines, providing shoppers with a seamless user experience and granting retailers lucrative opportunities. That’s why it stands to reason that 42% of retail and eCommerce players pilot, apply, or expand their AI programs.

    Read the full article here: https://channels.theinnovationenterprise.com/articles/how-ai-is-making-ecommerce-smarter
    Yana Yelina, Nov 16, 2017 IP
  2. Sirarpi01

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    eCommerce market is becoming more and more saturated and the winners are usually the ones who are smarter and faster to meet customer needs. AI in its turn helps make all of the adjustments faster to keep up with your customers. Using chatbots is one the ways to make use of AI for engaging more visitors. A simple message telling your visitor you are there to help, might make them your dedicated customer. However, visitors appreciate human interaction and your readiness to answer to their questions. So having an agent who is willing to talk to the visitors and answer their questions. If you manage the chat history, it will become easier for you to develop personalized communication with your website visitors.
    Sirarpi01, Mar 27, 2018 IP