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How to Encode Anime DVDs to MKV

Discussion in 'Graphics & Multimedia' started by Ariq, May 11, 2012.

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    Things you need:
    1. Insert the DVD or Mount the image file of the DVD
    2. Run Handbrake
    3. Here we go
    4. Goto Source and select the source of your DVD:
    • Video File
    • DVD Video_TS Folder
    • Image File
    5. In Picture Tab, make sure Strict if selected in Anamorphic Drop-down menu
    6. In Video Filters Tab:
    • Select Default in Detelecine Drop-down menu
    • Select Default in Decomb Drop-down menu also
    7. In Video Tab, select the Target Size (MB): personally I prefer 250MB for high quality encoding or 350MB for even more
    8. In Audio Tab:
    • Select The First Audio from Source Drop-down menu check that Audio Codec selected is AAC (faac), Mixdown is set as Automatic, Samplerate as Auto, Bitrate as 160 and DRC to 0
    • Now Click Add Track and the Track will be added
    • Similarly do it for the Second Track
    9. In Substitles Tab, select the subtile from Track Drop-down menu and click Add and follow my settings
    10. Now to encode each episode separately:
    • Select the Title with longest duration (that's the main movie)
    • Select the chapter range
    • To know the chapter range go through the video and find the time that each episode ends:
      For Example-
      • I selected the chapter 1 till the chapter 5 and I see the duration 00:24:25 I recheck this duration by playing the DVD
      • Click Browse Choose File Name as Click Save
      • Choose the Container as MKV
      • Then I clicked Add to Queue and that Episode is queued
      • To know where the second episode ends I played the file and found that it ends at chapter 10, so I selected the end chapter range as 10
      • But I see the duration as 00:48:51 this is because the first episode is also in it, so I select the starting range as chapter 6 (because in steps above we found that first episode ends at chapter 5)
      • Click Browse Choose File Name as Click Save
      • Again I click Add to Queue
      • Now I have an idea that each episode have 5 chapters range so I can queue them up with checking them
    • Now click Encode
    • That's all...you have batch encoding with hassle... :)
    Ariq, May 11, 2012 IP