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How to do well in Bing?

Discussion in 'All Other Search Engines' started by BlackKatz-rent in London, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Are there any specific tips on ranking more highly with Bing? Does anyone know what they favour in terms of backlinks, content, etc? I seem to do well in Google for our keywords "rent in London" but not so well in Bing.
  2. jss4ever

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    i noticed that your site ranks in first page on google with this keyword rent in london which is great and has search volume

    Microsoft have also released a 24-page paper on how their search engine works and related SEO implications. I would advise webmasters to download the document

    Download from Here

    and read it
    Bing's FAQs state that you should do the following on-site seo to rank well in their search engine:

    · Target no more than two keywords per page
    · Use unique title tags on each page
    · Use unique meta description tags on each page
    · Use H1 tags
    · Use text navigation links
    · Create content for your human visitors, not the Bing web crawler
    · Incorporate keywords into URL strings

    Back links

    For backinks, they state that they prefer quality to quantity and that "Backlinks should be relevant to the page being linked to or relevant to your domain if being linked to the homepage.
    Within the webmaster tools, they rate your backlinks from one to five in a little green bar - the higher the green bar the higher the quality of the link in Bing's eyes.
    However they don't actually say whether these backlinks should be anchored or not. I'm guessing that like Google they want anchored backlinks.

    Hope i helped ;)
    jss4ever, Sep 29, 2009 IP
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