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How to display Facepile (people who have "liked" my site) on sidebar on Wordpress?

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by bad_bob00, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    Hope this is the right place on the forum for this problem.

    I've installed Facepile before on wordpress blogs but I'm having problems installing it now on another. Is this the process that I should be following or am I doing something wrong?..
    1. Go to apps.Facebook.com and create new app, fill in the info, get my app id etc.
    2. Download and install plugin (in this case, Add Link To Facebook).
    3. Go back to Facebook, find the Facepile page and copy and paste the code into a new HTML widget from the appearance menu.

    Is this correct because at the moment its not displaying anything just likes on each of the blog posts...

    Thanks for any advice.
    bad_bob00, Sep 23, 2012 IP
  2. bad_bob00

    bad_bob00 Active Member

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    Anybody able to help out? If its not been posted in the right forum please point me in the right direction.

    bad_bob00, Sep 25, 2012 IP