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How to delete duplicate threads in vbulletin?

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by SLiM_BoY, Sep 10, 2006.

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    hi to all..
    i used rss forum feed pack in my vbulletin forum.but this pack created duplicate threads..so i've to delete them with a short way..how can i delete duplicate threads in vbulletin?

    i tried "Maintenance>Update Counters>Delete Duplicate Threads" ...but it didn't work..

    please help me..
    SLiM_BoY, Sep 10, 2006 IP
  2. noppid

    noppid gunnin' for the quota

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    OK, I don't know what this "feed pack" is. But would I be correct if I said it was to modify the RSS output from the normal vB Defaults?

    If that is the case, the selections made by the queries run seem to allow duplicate selection. You don't actually have dupe threads IMO.

    These are educated guesses. If you got a link to the hack and your RSS feed, we may be able to nail this down better.
    noppid, Sep 10, 2006 IP