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How to decrease your CPM in facebook ads?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by anand bernard, Jun 30, 2020.

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    This is bernard, a performance marketer. I was running Facebook ads for a long time and I don't see stable CPM's because it's completely based on bidding strategy. If my competitor raises the bids that are gonna be a huge problem for me. If my ads need to be delivered I should raise my bids and that results in an increase in my CPM's and further in a decrease in ROAS. So now the question is how can I get delivered my ads with the same CPM's?
    Here you need to go with manual bidding options in order to get your spot in between the delivery of other ads. Let me explain, the competitor has raised his bids and his ads getting delivered. Now you set your ads in manual delivery bidding with acceleration mode instead of standard delivery. With this, you gonna set "bidcap" and set your bids lowest as possible and start bidding higher until your ads get delivered.

    Note: This is to be used only when you have a successful campaign running and suddenly it stops working. Your campaign budget also must be increased to get delivery.
    anand bernard, Jun 30, 2020 IP