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How To Deactivate One Of Two Related Accounts?

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by kwunkgame, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I've only been with Twitter about a month. When I started I was unclear on how to set up an account and I made the mistake of creating two test accounts which I no longer want, their names are /kwunk1 and /beaukwunk.

    I finally created an account I'm happy with and which I want to keep, named /kwunkgame.

    I've tried to follow Twitter's instructions on deleting accounts for /kwunk1 and /beaukwunk, but there's a problem, and it's the same problem for each, so I'll just describe it with /kwunk1 . . as follows:
    First, notice that at /kwunk1 when you click the “Profile and settings” image, it brings up /kwunkgame instead of /kwunk1. I don't understand why, when I'm at /kwunk1 the “Profile and settings” button should bring up /kwunkgame.

    At /kwunk1 I click “Profile and settings” button > Account settings > “Settings and Privacy” . . and at the top it has “Username: kwunkgame” and under that is https://twitter.com/kwunkgame.
    So /kwunk1 and /kwunkgame are somehow intertwined, making it impossible for me to deactivate /kwunk1 and keep /kwunkgame. Apparently deactivating /kwunk1 will also deactivate /kwunkgame, which is exactly what I don't want to do.

    How can I deactivate /kwunk1, and /beaukwunk, while keeping /kwunkgame active?

    kwunkgame, Mar 11, 2018 IP