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How to create a snippet for this?

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by Divvy, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Hello guys,

    Can someone give me a little help?

    I have this plugin installed:

    But it shows the rating percentage like this:
    50.00% instead of 50%
    33.33% instead of 33%

    My idea is to remove decimals. I know how to fix this changing in the file:

    $value = str_replace("%RATINGS_PERCENTAGE%", number_format_i18n($post_ratings_percentage, 2), $value);
    Code (markup):
    $value = str_replace("%RATINGS_PERCENTAGE%", number_format_i18n($post_ratings_percentage), $value);
    Code (markup):
    But I don't want to change directly in the plugin file because I don't want to loose changes when I upgrade the plugin. So I want to use a plugin to add a snippet to fix this. Something like this plugin.

    But I don't have enough knowledge how to do that.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance :)
    Divvy, Aug 13, 2017 IP