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how to configure apache logs for virtual host, (copy log file to homedir of user )

Discussion in 'Apache' started by moath11, Jul 19, 2014.

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    I'm trying to configure Apache logs to split logs files for every virtual host on the server

    for example: {site1 .com} => copy access_log to /home/site1/public_html/logs {site2 .com} => copy access_log to /home/site2/public_html/logs .. {site3 .com} => copy access_log to /home/site3/public_html/logs

    i want to also to make sure is the logs files updated in the real time

    operating system is CentOs6, with Apache and cPanel
    how i can do that ?

    thanks for help
    moath11, Jul 19, 2014 IP
  2. moath11

    moath11 Peon

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    thanks guys, it's already configured, found the logs under

    moath11, Jul 19, 2014 IP