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How to bring follers from my Facebook page to Instagram?

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by Antcgh, Apr 29, 2021.


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    Hello everybody,
    let me explain better, not being familiar with instagram.
    I have a facebook page of about 10,000 followers and I would have decided to open the same page on Instagram as well.
    Since from the beginning it is difficult to create a niche of followers on Insta, I connected my Facebook account to the new Instagram profile I just created.
    I thought that in the recommended people I could find the followers I already had on Facebook, but instead I only found the friends I have on my personal Face profile.
    So I wanted to ask you this question: when I connect my fb page to the instagram one, will I find only the friends of my personal profile in the recommendations and not the followers of the page?
    Wouldn't there be an alternative way to "transfer" the followers of the facebook page to the new page created on Instagram?
    Thank you.
    Antcgh, Apr 29, 2021 IP