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how to be listed on dmoz.org for site www.blf-tools.com?

Discussion in 'ODP / DMOZ' started by sun rui, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. joeventura

    joeventura Well-Known Member

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    Clarie you are not listening,

    The rules of ODP are as follows, you get ONE chance. Only one. To submit your site. If someone owned the domain before you and applied, you are screwed.
    If you applied when you got the domain and didn't get approved then you spent 8 million dollars making the site the best site on the web and you had the founder of ODP write your perfect submission. Too late. You are screwed.
    There is no algo like Google that keeps evaluating your site. Once you apply and are not approved YOUR SITE IS DEAD TO ODP, never to be considered again. Ever, no matter what.

    Sounds harsh right? Sounds like a Spanish inquisition mentality full of elitist crap huh?

    Welcome to ODP.

    That's why they have no relevance because the quality of sites is inconsistent and not based on any quality metric whatsoever.
    And that is why no one (including Google) uses them as a site of authority.

    Its as if your 90 year old senile grandpa started a website.

    You look at the content and say "Oh Gramps you are so silly"

    and Grandma says "I think he is losing his marbles, do you see the junk on that site?"
    joeventura, Sep 8, 2012 IP