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How To Analyze Bad Backlink

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by jimmytazz, Jan 12, 2011.

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    If you have your own website, it does not take long before you learn about backlinks. They are incredibly important marketing tool for Web sites - and one that often either insufficient or wrong! Knowing how to get backlinks, how they work and how the building back the wrong way can waste your site's ranking all the hot topics of any website owner should know. What are backlinks? They just link to your site from another site. Visitors to the site looking for information, he clicks on the link to that site and it actually "reverse" on your site, causing the visitor to view the associated page. More quality, relevant, natural back links that lead to your website, the higher your site will be place in search engines, and more likely that you have to get the traffic you are targeting to come on your site.

    All this sounds very simple, but you must be sure that you know how to get back links to help you - you do not hurt. We said in the last paragraph that the reverse link should be quality, timeliness and natural. Let's look at these three requirements a little more carefully.

    Quality backlinks are those that connect the site with quality content. You only want to back links from trusted, reputable sites - we hope to also have a high ranking in the search topics in related fields. You do not want backlinks from sites reverse Farm "- automatically create web pages that simply list links to links to other sites. This ever popular "trick" was used to try to fool search engines. But, as usual, the search engines eventually learned this trick too, and now they ignore these sites.

    Feedback will be as if it is not relevant. For example, if your website is about yoga for pregnant women, you would like backlinks from sites yoga, pregnancy sites, women's health sites or sites with other relevant topics. Search engines see backlinks that makes sense - with feedback from the stationery store for yoga site will be relevant and search engine will ignore or links, or knock your rating down.

    Finally, back links should be natural. This means that they were built for a long time and the process that makes sense. You do not want to suddenly create dozens of backlinks all at the same time - they will be flagged as suspicious. But you want to gradually build a network of quality backlinks that help visitors right to access your site.

    You can start to build back links, looking for sites that are relevant to your own website. Reciprocal links - where you disagree with a link to a page, whether they link to your site - a popular tool used to work very well. However, search engines are becoming more permeable of all time, and if you have a reciprocal link to a site that is irrelevant or of low quality, that will hurt you more than help you. So you can certainly establish reciprocal links, but do so selectively - only when it makes sense to target both sites.

    Another quirk of website owners once had a link to your site from another one of their websites. The problem is that search engines check out if your backlinks come from the same address IP, as your site. When you try to network all your sites together just to get backlinks, you're going to hurt your ratings. But again, if you have one or two that is logical, that are natural, and that would make sense to your visitors, you can install multiple back links between their sites.
    jimmytazz, Jan 12, 2011 IP
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    very informative post.thanks for sharing such an useful information with us.:)
    ushahm, Apr 23, 2013 IP