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how to access console using ruby on rails

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by robby1995, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Ok, so i need a bit of help here. i've purchased a site that uses ruby on rails and have no experience on rails. i did a quick tutorial on it but there's one thing i can't figure out.
    How do i access the console to run commands in ruby on rails. The site uses amazon AWS for hosting and also has the files on bitbucket.
    I ned to run some commands but have no idea how to get the console up so i can run commands. can i do it from bitbucket, transferring the files directly from there and running commands from there, or do i need to do it on my local computer connecting it to the terminal(mac) and then run the commands.

    Thanks soooo much for the help.
    robby1995, Feb 12, 2015 IP
  2. mkrstic

    mkrstic Greenhorn

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    If you want to start your application in a console via terminal, then navigate to your project (via terminal) and then type:
    rails c
    Code (markup):
    mkrstic, Feb 16, 2015 IP