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How specific is your NICHE?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Omar Doughan, May 25, 2018.

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    How specific is your niche and how much does it matter? For example, if you had a website that sells mugs, how specific would your product list be? Selling mugs is already niche specific, but I can see it getting deeper.

    1. A general mug website that sells ceramic, glass and steal mugs with or without designs on them.

    2. A ceramic mug website that only sells ceramic mugs with or without designs on them.

    3. A ceramic mug website that only sells ceramic mugs with a specific set of designs, maybe only decals of mustaches. (Oh, They're out there)
    In terms of profit, traffic, and growth, how do these issues effect a website? Obviously there are benefits to either; a general mug website would be able to sell a broader range of products, perhaps even more than just mugs, such as:


    Although with a very specific niche, such as a website that only sells ceramic mugs with designs of mustaches on them, their product list will be smaller, but they may corner the market for people that want... errr... mugs with mustaches on them.

    I'd like to hear from you guys. What do you guys think about this? How specific should our niche be?
    Omar Doughan, May 25, 2018 IP
  2. TheRevenant

    TheRevenant Peon

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    Hello Omar,

    I think the first question is : where are you selling?

    The other question would be asking where your traffic comes from. SEO? SEM? or Marketplace traffic?

    I think that in case traffic comes from market place you don't need to be such product specific. On the opposite you must cover as much traffic as you can.

    However, my situation is not very good to give advises to anyone. I am running my own shop and have very little success.

    Best regards
    TheRevenant, Jun 3, 2018 IP
  3. Larry Thibodeaux

    Larry Thibodeaux Greenhorn

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    In my experience the more targeted the easier. One of mines are women that are christian who live in alabama.
    Since its so targeted, the sales come easy because from the customers perspective, its the perfect product.
    Larry Thibodeaux, Jun 26, 2018 IP