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How much does it cost for china post tracking script?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by frontier2002, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Can anyone tell me if there is people who can code package tracking site like this http://track-chinapost.com/startairmail.php for china post...how much does it cost. let me know
    frontier2002, Aug 11, 2017 IP
  2. PoPSiCLe

    PoPSiCLe Illustrious Member

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    That is probably fairly trivial, given that China post probably have an API available to fetch such information. The programming of something like this is trivial, mostly it involves processing the form, posting the content to the API, and parse whatever the API returns. The latter might cause some cursewords and pulling of hair, but mostly this is a quick job. Given that there IS an API, of course. If not, it's a completely different matter.

    Also, if you expect this to be used frequently, you might have to pay China post a little bit to use their API (again, if it exists, and again, I haven't even remotely checked, so it might be free, might cost money - I have no idea).

    Anyone with a little bit of PHP-knowledge should be able to hack this together.
    PoPSiCLe, Aug 11, 2017 IP