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How exactly does Digg.com work?

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by Julien, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Sorry if this is a newbee question but someone just digged a story I posted on my blog and I was wondering if anyone can explain how digg works. I understand the basic concept but until now I had never had someone digg one of my posts so I am trying to better undertand how it works:

    Do articles move closer to the front page of digg.com based on how fast they get diggs (are they measuring # of diggs per hour)?

    How are so many people (about 300 visitors in the first few hours) visiting my site through digg.com if I only have about 20 diggs and don't even appear in the first 10 pages? (the only way I can find my digg is by searching for "blade servers")

    I was told that another 10 or 15 diggs would probably get me onto the first page but when I look at the first few pages almost all articles have 100's of diggs?

    Lastly do digg articles expire or lose relevance after a few days?

    Just trying to understand! :eek:
    Julien, Jun 22, 2006 IP