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How does Google checkout work

Discussion in 'Payment Processing' started by figarro, Jun 13, 2007.

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    I've created a Google Checkout account, after finally accepting my country in their list, I've submitted a credit card, authenticated it, but I don't see any balance account, or option to get or send money.

    I've lived with the impression that Checkout should be a competitor for Paypal, not just a way to buy online.
    figarro, Jun 13, 2007 IP
  2. eddy2099

    eddy2099 Peon

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    The name 'Checkout' indicates that it is a one-way platform to receive money.

    I don't know why people see it as a competitor for Paypal but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    The Google Checkout is closer to be a competitor for 2checkout.

    Currently, only the US can be Google Checkout merchant. From your sign up information, it appears that you are signing up for the customer account which allows you to use it to purchase from the available pool of Google Checkout merchants.

    The reason why you do not see any balance or way to send or receive payment because your account is not a merchant account. You basically would not see a balance since all funds would be taken from your credit card when you click on a merchant Google Checkout shopping cart.

    Hope that clarifies the situation you are in.
    eddy2099, Jun 13, 2007 IP
  3. johnaspey

    johnaspey Peon

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    Not true - its available in the UK as well.
    johnaspey, Jun 14, 2007 IP