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How do you think, how will things go with our security further, if the capabilities of AI are added

Discussion in 'Security' started by Buzzoid, Aug 24, 2018.

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    How do you think how much science has advanced in creating an increasingly intelligent artificial intelligence? I say this to the fact that I found some interesting facts about how artificial intelligence helps in calculating us, ordinary people, and takes our privacy even more. Due to its ability to learn through the filtering of many examples of behavior in various situations, analyzing a huge amount of data, Artificial Intelligence can help the heads of information security departments find "unknown known" security threats, automate responses from the Operations Management Center, and improve recovery from attacks. In short, with highly qualified personnel (which is very difficult to find), Artificial intelligence can fill, of course, not all, but most of the gaps in the IT sphere. Experts have long been calling for the need to create an intelligent, autonomous security system, and Artificial Intelligence, according to Bruce Schneier's cryptographer to become a good help to solve this problem. However, according to the technical director of Resilient Systems (a company specializing in protection from cyberattacks), the hype surrounding security is too bloated. According to him, it is still impossible to replace people with artificial intelligence, because employees are needed to provide full-scale protection. But of course there is interest in artificial intelligence technologies, as it is capable of increasing mental activity, and, consequently, the ideal solution will be the application of human resources and new technologies together. How do you think, how will things go with our security further, if the capabilities of AI are added to solve the problems of safeteeping and security?
    Buzzoid, Aug 24, 2018 IP
  2. bountysite

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    Difficult to quantify. I can say that we are more dependent on technology than every before. IoT is going to play a significant role, in our lives. Lot of people do not care about privacy. "Who cares about what I do? I have nothing to hide"

    Infact AI, may replace a significant part of blue collar jobs. With rising costs and competitive industries, robots may replace humans, wherever possible.
    Security is going to be overlooked, until a major breach/news.

    With plummeting hard drive costs, more and more data is now being stored. More data is being analysed today, with rise of Big Data. Eg, Your browsing activity is tracked to show you ads targeting you. You visit one site, and later on another site, you get ad of first site. Targeted advertising!

    At the end of the day, you still need people to build Artificial Intelligence. More technology will only lead to more security loopholes. You cant have AI solve every loophole. Security is all about adding layers.

    The ones(actually few) who are paranoid and understand technology will avoid technology, wherever possible.
    The ones who want latest tech, and does not care about privacy, will have more influence of AI in life.

    There will be areas where we cannot avoid, dependency. We will have no choice to live with it.
    I predict that down the line, we will have video surveillance capable of tracking anyone, but we will have to accept the fact that it protects us than affect privacy. Ofcourse, there will be very few exceptions.
    bountysite, Jan 24, 2019 IP