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How do you make use of the Drupal Navigation Block?

Discussion in 'Drupal' started by xarzu, Dec 26, 2014.

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    How do you make use of the Drupal Navigation Block?
    My theme has a Navigation block. I have been experimenting with its settings in the control panel but I have yet to figure out how to change its content it shows. Does it look familiar to anyone here and/or can you offer advice. You can see this on my page here http://www.arguemax.com/_drupal-7.26/

    It is the box denoted by "Navigation" Its first item is "Chaos Tools AJAX Demo".

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    xarzu, Dec 26, 2014 IP
  2. Mgjohn78

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    To edit the contents of the navigation menu you would go to admin/structure/menu/manage/navigation there you can edit, remove and add links
    Mgjohn78, Jan 17, 2015 IP