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How do I request modifications/customization from manufactures on Alibaba?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Danton133, Jun 30, 2020.

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    Hey guys, I'm new here and I'm doing product research for my first product, I have a few ideas that require customization because what's currently on the markets is bad quality or for purposes of differentiation.
    How do I go about contacting suppliers and convincing them to redesign their product for me?

    This seems a large outlay of time and effort for them with no guarantee I would buy their product especially when I've not done this before obviously I wouldn't state this.

    So why would they agree to do it?
    The ideal situation would look like this:
    I request customization > they agree to redesign the product > once complete they send samples for me to test > I order lowest possible quantity
    Is this a realistic scenario?
    Is it normal for manufactures to request a cost from me for redesign/upgrade?

    Or perhaps would they insist I put down a deposit on an order before commencing design work? How does this usually work?
    Thanks in advance!
    Danton133, Jun 30, 2020 IP