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How do I know who paid me on paypal.me

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by yape, Sep 2, 2017.

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    I have a subscription site and send paypal.me links to site users.
    So I have a user email and nickname.

    Now when someone pays, I see on PayPal his name and his PayPal email address.

    But if this person registered on my site with a different email and some mickey mouse nickname?

    I do not see any way to synchronize the person who paid me to the person who is registered on my site !!
    Of course I can send email to the email address from PayPal and ask him what email he used on my site, but this requires to wait for his response and risk a dispute if he didn't get or didn't see (spam folder for example) my email

    Any idea how to synchronize paypal.me and my site?
    yape, Sep 2, 2017 IP
  2. yape

    yape Greenhorn

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    I found the answer. It seems that PayPal.me does not support (at this stage) passing user parameters. Hence you cannot use the API to automatically handle the purchase on your site. So it requires the merchant to work hard to make it work and synchronize somehow (there's no good way to do it) between payer email on PayPal and user email on your site.

    The solution I found is the third option mentioned here:

    Third option is the rarely advertised custom cart URL. I don't have anything that details this however the following sample link can get you started.https://secure.paypal.com/xclick/business=EMAIL@DOMAIN.COM&item_name=Cart_Invoice_Custom_Name&amount=123.45&return=www.yourwebsite.com&currency_code=EUR
    Code (markup):

    which has all the options needed (like disable shipping address, return url, notification etc) and the user sees the familiar PayPal payment page instead of the new paypal.me page

    Hope it helps someone...
    yape, Sep 4, 2017 IP