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How do I fix this?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Vig, Jul 31, 2013.

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    When I got to my site enlightenlists.com , "EnlightenLists" appears twice in the tab rather than just once. I'm assuming this isn't very SEO friendly, so I want to get that fixed, but have no idea how (I'm not a programmer by any strecth of the word). Can someone please help me?
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    Vig, Jul 31, 2013 IP
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    It's the title tag in your Wordpress theme. I'm guessing the homepage title is "Enlightenlists" but the overall title is "Enlightenlists" instead of the homepage being titled "Home" which would show as "Enlightenlists Home" so either remove the title to the homepage or change it to something else.
    scottlpool2003, Jul 31, 2013 IP
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  3. marht

    marht Active Member

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    The PHP that's generates this output is in your header.php template. Between the <title></title> there will be a PHP if else. If you would edit the title attribute only for the homepage, I suggest using:

    <?phpif ( is_home() ) {
    echo get_bloginfo('name').' - '.get_bloginfo('description');
    else {
    /* HERE YOU PUT THE CODE THAT IS ALREADY BETWEEN THE <title></title> Make sure you remove the <?php on the beginning and the ?> at the end, but keep the ; */

    I hope this helps you!
    Kind Regards,

    marht, Aug 2, 2013 IP