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How do I execute on my blog idea?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by czar24, Dec 25, 2017.

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    Okay. Good morning people. How are you all this morning? Good I hope.
    So the idea I have, although not entirely unique, I think would do good as a blog. I just don't think I posses the savvy to execute it in a dope way. So as it stands now I am UNEMPLOYED.
    I sat for a while thinking about why people like watching TV shows like The Walking Dead, or the old Trilogy Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe and many others. People like to see the protagonist in a story progress or undertake a journey from point A to Point B and overcome what ever adversity there is during the journey.
    I also noticed above all else people like a rags to riches story. I want to approach creating a blog from the prospect of a shithead and a failure who is progressing upwards despite the winding roads, obstacles twist and turns that he has to meander. In this blog we're basically dealing with an individual who is at his wits end and won't stay down in the corner he has been backed into but has an endearing and humorous cynicism to him.
    Essentially the message he is trying to spread is that just because your unemployed doesn't mean you have to just lie down and die. I think it has the potential to be inspiring although it is not a unique idea within itself.
    Social Media Execution:
    So the problem is is that I think I know to little about social media. I have set up a blog already with another niche that I am semi familiar with but quit because I didn't have enough experience to turn that into a business. I have already written blog post and posted them to twitter and posted videos on my Instagram and Facebook linking them back to my blog post but I still know nothing about how to use platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or Snapchat. I know the general idea behind these mediums: You post stuff on there and people watch. The thing is I have no idea about strategies I can use to garner as much views to my content as possible.
    So I plan on creating video content without showing my face. I have a problem with shooting shitty quality video on the phone camera I have now. I can't afford the camera I want to shoot the kind of videos I want. I am currently researching ways that I can release good video content using animation and memes and stuff. A couple videos like DJ Akedemiks, Looper and WatchMojo give me an idea on how to do that but the again I feel like that technique might be kind of played out being that I don't think there is any originality anymore.
    So when I was working I used to travel around NY and go outside a lot. When I stopped working I stopped going out because I now have to use that money to eat, pay whatever debts I have and use for transportation to interviews.
    I feel like not going outside goes against the vision of what I want my blog to be which in turn makes it difficult to create content. I plan on just creating content on stuff like movies I watch, products I am interested in buying, YouTube videos I like, Technology News, Changes and nuances in current culture and artistic endeavors that I can practice being good at in an enclosed space like drawing or chess or something. I feel however that this too has been done before
    Well currently I think the best resource I have on my side is time and unlimited internet access (Thank God I payed my internet bill for the entire year!!)
    Not enough experience.
    No access to top tier software to edit videos or knowledge on programming and visual design to code my own UNIQUE website.
    No money to spend on paid ads. I think this one of all is the one that hurts me the most. It might be good in the sense that it might lead to me coming up with ways to generate free traffic, which I know nothing about.
    No top tier microphone to record podcast media
    Should I just wait until I have more money to start. I can swallow the bitter herb guys. If I don't have enough resources at my fingertips to carry this through now then the best thing I can do is probably wait. If not I can get started working on it tomorrow. I hear all kind of shit about unemployed bloggers going from zero to hero but I am very cynical when I hear them speak on it as almost everything cost money. I want to execute on realistic strategies that can actually put me ahead that I can apply NOW.
    czar24, Dec 25, 2017 IP
  2. JoeSpirit

    JoeSpirit Well-Known Member

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    I'm going to tell you my thoughts but keep in mind that what I say here is my opinion. What works for me and what worked in the past won't necessarily work for you.

    First, start studying online marketing. This isn't difficult to do and you can apply what you learn as you learn it. Find successful marketers and see if they produce newsletters or blogs that you can subscribe to. Study how they publish their content and study what they publish. (Paul Meyer's Talk Biz is a good one.)

    You don't need to code your own website. Download Wordpress and build your blog on that platform. It's not difficult to learn, there are plenty of tutorials for it, and you can get answers to questions that you have on the Wordpress forum.

    Download video software at https://screencast-o-matic.com/. It's free to use and you can do over your shoulder type videos so you don't need to show your face. As with marketing a great way to learn how to do videos is to watch the videos of people who are already successful in the niche you want to work in and copy their style/methods.

    Never steal other people's content. Design your own words and create your own voice.

    You say you have no experience. Here's a secret that I've never kept well. Nobody has experience in the beginning. You get that by doing. If you don't start you'll never learn how far you can go.

    It's true that you can't build success with zero budget. You can bootstrap most of this stuff but you will need to buy a domain and a place to house your website. There are plenty of reliable and inexpensive places to do that. Namecheap and HostGator are the two that come to my mind most often. You'll have other expenses to cover along the way.

    You can start out marketing at no cost. Create a page on Facebook, write content that gives value to customers in your niche, find answers to questions that people are asking - and answer those questions. Advertise for free in classifieds such as Craig's List. As you start profiting through these methods start purchasing advertising to accelerate.

    This is not a success you'll find overnight. Rags to riches just don't happen that way. But you won't go anywhere if you don't start your journey. Remember that persistence is the key.

    Good luck.
    JoeSpirit, Dec 26, 2017 IP
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  3. dscurlock

    dscurlock Prominent Member

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    not even sure what I can say that would help...
    You are in a bad spot no matter how you look at it...

    I recently run across a site that was for sale...he claimed his site was
    making $600/mo, however, it took him 1.5 years to get to that point...
    and who knows what resources he put into his site in that time period...
    (and I will assume he knew what he was doing, as far as setting up
    a domain, site, content, advertising/marketing/seo, and if he did not
    have those skills, then he had to outsource, and that also can be
    very costly.)

    he did not just setup a site, then 1.5years of doing
    nothing, then the site made money. He had to have some idea
    on how to apply his concepts into content, then doing seo on his site...

    You have to research your niche...
    (to see what may or may not be profitable)

    You have to do keyword research...
    (to see if you can do reasonable seo without it
    taking 5 years to achieve results...)

    find a short & sweet domain
    Find a free or paid theme.
    install free wp plugins (that maybe needed)
    create main article using 3-5 LSI keywords
    create supporting articles (link back to main article)
    start advertising/marketing/seo, etc...
    then rinse and repeat...

    Do not expect anything to happen fast...
    some have waited 1-5 years before their site
    started to make money, and this really
    depends on how competitive the market is...

    always follow google guidelines...
    (otherwise, your site maybe penalized...)
    dscurlock, Dec 27, 2017 IP