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how do adwords work?

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by simon2008, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Hi how do adwords work? how much would i have to spend to get a return in sales?
    simon2008, Sep 15, 2008 IP
  2. Michael T.

    Michael T. Active Member

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    If you are a beginner you should invest at least $1k of your money and at least a 1-2 to learn adwords a bit.
    Michael T., Sep 16, 2008 IP
  3. pinkblush

    pinkblush Peon

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    Google AdWords aims to provide the most effective advertising available for businesses of any size. It helps your business meet your customer acquisition that:

    * Reach people looking for your product or service
    * Fully control your ad budget
    * Easily create and edit your ads
    * See your ads on Google within minutes of creating them

    Also, AdWords gives you 24/7 access to detailed performance reports that help you track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. There's no minimum spending requirement in Adwords, just a nominal, one-time activation fee ($5). You set the limit on how much you're willing to spend each day, also, Adwords gives suggestion on the spending limit you'd like for your campaign.
    pinkblush, Sep 16, 2008 IP