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How difficult to create this?

Discussion in 'Databases' started by UrbanColour, Sep 10, 2015.

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    I run a small manufacturing business and my friend seems to spend a lot of time on spreadsheets which I think is rubbish for this type of work. I think a database would be better but I have never built one.. so here is what i would like and can you guys advise on if it is in the reach of a newbie. but to be honest, I really could use my time better so a guide on price if I went to a freelancer maybe.

    Happy to take advice :)

    I think I need database for me to enter my products, codes, cost prices, selling prices, raw material names, codes, suppliers, costs and more

    1. Need a front end or few depending on the job with drop downs for selection of info
    2. Product Costings: I want to produce a costing for a customer or me based on pack size, ingredients used, labour
    3. BOM creation (Bill Of materials) I want to select the product, enter quantity to make in various pack size and then produce a list of materials needed to complete the job (ingredients, packs, etc)
    4. Data analysis: For sales, I want to enter the items sold in cases, single pots etc, where sold, Wholesale, retail and then to see which are the best selling items, where are the best selling areas, Just to see how the products are performing.
    I would like to be able to draw in customer emails, addresses etc. I use Xero accounting software and have Mailchimp (maybe these could be tapped into)

    I was thinking of having this on a local system but I use Linux. others use Windows (is there a way for both to access.. maybe online) I have a wordpress website which from reading here could be utilised (have I got that wrong though) If not, maybe keep it on cloud or similar.

    Hope I have explained this well

    UrbanColour, Sep 10, 2015 IP
  2. PoPSiCLe

    PoPSiCLe Illustrious Member

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    The database for the products / cost / etc. is mostly trivial to create. Same for a web-interface to administrate said database.
    The complications arise when/if you want to tap into said software - Xero I have no idea about, since I've never used it, nor worked with it - I'm assuming it already uses a database, but I have no idea about whether or not that database is available with an API or such - is this a locally hosted product, or is it online? Do you know if it's possible to access data from the program via an API?
    Mailchimp offers an API, as far as I can remember, and hence it should be relatively easy to access / utilize that from another program.
    Local / online system is a thing to consider - having it online means other users / clients / whatever can easily get access, maybe even be able to set up their own orders - however, it means you need more security and that adds another complication-layer. If it's locally hosted, you'll be able to defer some of that. However, security should always be done properly, so as to avoid other issues.

    I would not recommend this for a beginner (especially if you're not doing it to learn, just to get it done) - however, this can quickly become a bit more complex than you think, so I would guess it can get to be a bit more pricey than what one first assumes. I would recommend getting a fixed price for key functionality, and maybe allow the freelancer(s) to add to that fixed price if you change your specs during development. As for cost, I'm sorry, I can't help you, since I have no idea about your area, or general costs in that area - I would however suggest getting someone local to develop this, so you can actually meet up, and go through the software in person. Yes, offering over-seas developers the business might save you some nickel and dimes to begin with, but the hazzle of having to schedule online-talks, trying to overcome language barriers, and not having the ability to meet in person soon takes away all the cost-benefits. Also, since this sounds like your first rodeo, having met a person often gives you a bit better understanding and "first impression" might make or break the deal before it's even started. Which can help in such scenarios.
    PoPSiCLe, Sep 11, 2015 IP
  3. UrbanColour

    UrbanColour Member

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    Thanks for the reply PoPSiCle. Great help
    UrbanColour, Sep 15, 2015 IP