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How can Product labels PRO be beneficial for eCommerce solutions?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Magento themes, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Product Labels are much more beneficial than words or sentences in order to express what your product is about or to highlight it. Labels communicate directly to customers about the product hence they are able to distinguish any product based on brands, quality etc. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) survey 54% of USA citizens read product labels before making a decision to purchase a product. FME’s Product Labels Magento extension incorporates same marketing concepts.

    This Magento extension overrides default promotion rules of Magento therefore giving you the control and flexibility in defining rule based product labels. What this means is that you can create countless rules and set conditions according to the way Magento does in catalog and shopping cart price rules. You can also combine multiple conditions to build a strong rule. You will associate product label images with this rule so that when the conditions specified under this rule are true, this label will be applied to products. Further you have the choice to implement this feature just on product detail page or product listing page. From the backend while creating rules you can prioritize them, define their validity period, set conditions and upload images for labels.

    Another stunning feature incorporated into this plugin is that you can display special price label against those products for which special price has been set by Magento. On the front end product labels appear brilliantly. You have plenty of options for the alignment of these labels on products such as on mid-centre, mid-right, bottom-left etc. This product serves a very strong purpose that will lift your ecommerce business to new heights. It is a great marketing tool and a “must to have” feature in your site.
    • Set customized text messages and images as labels with the products
    • Align your labels easily from the backend anywhere on product such as bottom, top, middle etc
    • Allows you to create unlimited rules which will automatically set labels with products according to the conditions specified
    • Display special price label against those products for which special price has been set by Magento
    • You can assign priorities to rules in which case rules with greater priority value are processed first (0-greatest, 10-lowest)
    • Multi-Store support
    • Attract and retain your customers with this excellent customer oriented service
    Magento themes, Jun 28, 2012 IP