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How can I target a specific location by avoiding Adwords limitations?

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by Fredrik Rassmussen, Dec 18, 2016.

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    I want to target a specific location within a city with a large popultion. I have some specific postal codes that I want to target, but Adwords does not support targeting by postal code in the country I want to reach for some reason. I would just use radius targeting, but none of the areas areas (postal codes) I want to target has a radius of at least 1 kilometer (which is what Adwords has as a minimum radius as far as I know). How can I solve this problem? I am willing to try everything - as advanced as it needs to be - to solve this problem. Is there any way to combine third party data or something else with Adwords to be able to do this targeting correctly? Or is there some way to do it just in Adwords? Appriciate any suggestions!
    Fredrik Rassmussen, Dec 18, 2016 IP
  2. animesh

    animesh Active Member

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    You can target any location within 1 kilometer with radius targeting.
    Just select 1 Km in the option and then click on Location marker (icon) and when it highlighted, then click on particular location in the map, it will circle the 1 Km area around it, which you can add.

    If you need advance support, then you can contact me.
    animesh, Dec 19, 2016 IP

    HATCHEX Greenhorn

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    Adwords doesnt allow you to target with PIN code. All you can use radius targeting with minimum 1km.
    But you can intelligently use some tactics so that only those pin number will click on your ads.
    HATCHEX, Jan 18, 2017 IP