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How can I save my money in online shopping??

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by frostty, May 22, 2017.

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    Actually I'an new to USA, Want to save my money while doing online shopping, can anyone suggest me ???????
    frostty, May 22, 2017 IP
  2. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee Active Member

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    If you are new to internet shopping in the US, you will need to subscribe to different sites to compare prices before you start making purchases. To start saving money when making online purchases, you have to remove your browser history and cookies data to ensure the sites do not collect information on your search behavior and suggest high prices for you. Instead, you want new searches every time to discover price fluctuations. Prices will vary across days and sites. Take note of price changes and variations by adding items to your cart without cashing out and comparing the expected costs. There will always be a better deal. To start you off I suggest eBay, Amazon and any other site of your choice, better if it claims to offer free shipping.
    Mike Lee, May 25, 2017 IP