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How can I remove text(e.g ["88664734","88639280","88676217"]) from a strReviewers string using JavaS

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by asifakhtar, Nov 22, 2022.

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    How can I remove text(e.g ["88664734","88639280","88676217"]) from a strReviewers string which contains list of Reviewers separated by semicolon and then join the whole string again either using JavaScript or jQuery?

    I get a dynamic string(strReviewers) which contains multiple user records separated by comma:

    I need to remove whole user record if I pass an array of ids. e.g ["88664734","88639280","88676217"]

    var strReviewers = "88664734*,*Andrew Farmer*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,19051,*;*88639280*,*Sally Hopewell*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,*;*88686221*,*Jonathan Rees*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,19060,*;*88676217*,*James Wason*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,*;*";

    strReviewers contains user records separated by semicolon and each user record is separated by *,*.

    Each record contains 1 user which is in the shape of userid then following by name then following by roleid then following by txtSpeciality following by then rolelist.
    88664734*,*Andrew Farmer*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,19051,*;
    *88639280*,*Sally Hopewell*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,*;
    *88686221*,*Jonathan Rees*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,19060,*;
    *88676217*,*James Wason*,*19042*,**,*,19013,19017,19042,19043,*;

    I have done it using the following code but wondering this can be achieved some other easier way?

    function removeReviewerByID(ids = []) {
    return strReviewers
    .map(item => item.split("*,*"))
    .filter(item => item[0] !== "*")
    .map(item => ({
    .filter(item => (!ids.includes(item["userid"]) && !ids.includes(item["userid"].replace(/\*/g, ''))))
    .map(item => ({
    record: item["userid"].concat("*,*").concat(item["name"]).concat("*,*").concat(item["roleid"]).concat("*,*").concat(item["txtSpeciality"]).concat("*,*").concat(item["rolelist"]).concat(";")
    .reduce((accumulator, item) => {
    return accumulator.concat(item["record"]);
    }, "")

    asifakhtar, Nov 22, 2022 IP