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How can i guarantee this case?

Discussion in 'Graphics & Multimedia' started by ariefsyu, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Hi folks,

    I have some psd designed and i want to sell it. No, not here, off course. I will sell it somewhere else.

    I want to sell it as a unique template only. I prefer to design and sell once, and do more design, instead of selling 1 design more than once.

    The question is, if the buyer ask me a question, 'how can i know that you will not sell it to someone else and somewhere else? Is there any guarantee?'. All i can say is nothing but promise of myself that i will not sell my design more than once. That's not a legit answer. I'm wondering if someone did something similar and found a way out to give a guarantee.

    All help is appreciated.
    Solved! View solution.
    ariefsyu, Mar 2, 2012 IP
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    The only true guarantee you can give your buyer is a contract :)

    Design a legal contract that you're going to sign, saying that you pass all copyright of the design to the buyer, and ship it together with your PSD.

    If you need help making this contract, I'm sure you can find lots of samples online or consult a local lawyer, he will help you for a small fee compared to the profits you are going to make if you are good in making unique designs. They go anywhere from $500 to $2,500 :)
    CIScripts, Mar 2, 2012 IP
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  3. torbatt

    torbatt Peon

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    I completely agree with CIScripts
    torbatt, Mar 3, 2012 IP
  4. ariefsyu

    ariefsyu Member

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    Big thanks to CIScripts
    ariefsyu, Mar 6, 2012 IP
  5. Co1dFusion

    Co1dFusion Peon

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    Just offering other options, not as good as a contract but less expensive.Let them teamviwer you and delte the files for themselves.
    Co1dFusion, Mar 6, 2012 IP