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How can i earn money from online business directory?

Discussion in 'Directories' started by ezydir, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Online business directory is a boon when you know how to exactly use it. Here using doesn’t mention that knowing all functionalities out of it. To be appropriate, it has to be utilized in a way that gains
    revenues. Generating revenue is all we want to make out of it, but if that’s the main goal it never going to help one in the long run. To get most of it, it has to be tuned in a way that it should first drive traffic to the site, which will later draw the revenues.

    Make it trust worthy!!!

    Yeah this is basic for all, online directories are never an exclusion for it. Its not always instructed topopulate your directory site with postings, but if your site is with less amount of genuine contents it is better than a spammed directories holding lacks and lacks of spammy postings.If this things are set ,once your site got genuine look then,it is easy way to drive traffic.
    Traffic is all you want?

    SEO, SNO.., ? Maybe.., But traffic should be classified and categorized in way that we can make much out of it. When you choose the directory script never forgets to get search engine optimized directory scripts. To cut all loose ends make sure that you are on right place to score.
    Now comes the hard and sweet part!!!

    Who will say no to this? You got it, exactly, the paper that holds value than humans. Who cares! It is not rocket science to earn money out of your directory site once you tweaked your site in a way that all I mentioned, wait a second, I heard you I did say much still you have to do much to build revenue, so I don’t want to waste your time as you have to start the process of building revenue. You can take my suggestion if you are okay with it, here you go, “Just understand the frame of building revenue out of it, don’t try to dig deep into it .Do the business in your way that will pay you more than what you have invested. Hope you read my article, now u would have understood why I mentioned it as a hard part, Hey you this one is for, you skipped the paragraphs right, then it might be the sweeter part of my article!!! Jokes apart, Think about it , ink about it , work for it and earn out of it…, kudos!!!

    Make your market presence through impeccable directory script ezydir at affordable cost. Directory sites are always profitable business investment, but the way it going to hit the market is the key feature, which will decide its fate .
    ezydir, Nov 11, 2013 IP
  2. dvduval

    dvduval Notable Member

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    I somewhat have trouble following what you are saying.
    How are you suggesting someone would build revenues?

    You said that "directory sites are always profitable business investment". How so?
    dvduval, Nov 15, 2013 IP