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How can I do business in Facebook?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by Mr. Russell, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. rajkumar mudaliyar

    rajkumar mudaliyar Member

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    Create the facebook page under the right category, input all the required details and start running campaigns on it.
    Do postings on various topics related to the business to target right audience on right time. Join groups with same business interest and share your posts in them.
    rajkumar mudaliyar, Mar 2, 2017 IP
  2. Dana C. Beck

    Dana C. Beck Active Member

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    Facebook has become a huge avenue to advertise your business or service. There are about a dozen different options you can utilize in Facebook advertising and each option is designed for a specific goal, e.g. more Facebook page likes, more visitors to your website, etc. etc.

    One of the first things which I guess is obvious to many, is to clearly understand two key points:
    1. What is it you're promoting or selling? Make sure you have a clear understanding of your product / service and that you have well written copy that you can utilize for your advertisement. Also with Facebook advertising, you really need great clear graphics. If you're selling a physical product, your images of the product need to be a high resolution and a quality image. If you're promoting a service, your image equally should not only be of a very high quality, but it needs to be congruent with your service. In other words, if you are promoting an online bookstore service you wouldn't use a picture of girl sunbathing on a white beach. I know this almost sounds absurd but you'd be surprised how many advertisers mess this up.
    2. Another point that equally may seem overly simple but it's something you need to consider as well is to be clear what you want to accomplish with your Facebook ad. Here is a list of different advertisement objectives you can utilize when setting up your Facebook ad:
        1. Boost Your Post
        2. Promote Your Page
        3. Send people to your website
        4. Increase conversions on your website
        5. Get install of your app
        6. increase engagement in your app
        7. Reach people near your business
        8. Raise attendance at your event
        9. Get people to claim your offer
        10. Get video views
        11. Collect leads for your business
    So as you can see, this is why it's so important to know just what you want to accomplish with your Facebook ad.

    Hopefully you got value out of this! All the best, :D
    Dana C. Beck, Mar 2, 2017 IP
  3. metricbuzz

    metricbuzz Member

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    Also, find relevant groups related to your industry.
    Create valuable discussions.

    Make your employees to join the same and you guys create the discussions.
    Everyone wants help! FREE Help, So answer to other discussions with useful replies.

    Like other, add friends relevant to your industry. Of course, Facebook ads helps to find relevant people. May be few clicks from facebook are FAKE... but you should remember facebook is a pleasure where you can business and pleasure.

    So you should not expect all your money invested will return the business. Its not a buyer and seller platform. Its a social media. You cannot easily market a finance app like a Android game app. Research more...spent more..I mean time.
    metricbuzz, Mar 4, 2017 IP
  4. hnishas

    hnishas Greenhorn

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    You can create a Facebook page.. upload your business related pics and share that posts in different groups related to business. Invite friends to like and share your page.
    hnishas, Mar 11, 2017 IP