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How Bing ads are better than Google Adword

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by mattheneryjohn, Feb 12, 2017.


are you agree Bing ads are better than Google Adword?

  1. yes

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    Hello friends
    we know that google is biggest search engine in the world but in many cases we did not get better result or traffic on our business through google even if we use adword as well because our because there are many countries where people are using Bing, Yahoo etc.suppose we are advertising our business on google then google offer 100$ coupon on spending 25$ for USA and with same manners for other countries as well.But if we are using bing ads then we can get 200$ bing coupons,100$ bing coupons without any spending buy we have to use new Bing ads accounts if you want to find more help for google ads or adword coupons and Bing ads account or Bing ads coupon then you can
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    mattheneryjohn, Feb 12, 2017 IP